Leaders engage others with original stories

Today I read a financial article about Netflix. While it’s interesting, one statement in it, as an aside, caught my eye: the year that Netflix started working on original programming.

The original model for Netflix was them functioning as a distributor. They helped customers get access to movies that others had made.

But at some point they decided the create their own stories. Their own original content. And it’s worked!

As leaders we know that stories engage people. But sometimes we get stuck telling the same stories over and over.

Today’s reminder is simple – we need to keep creating new and original stories.

At the Ritz Carlton Hotel chain, managers send in new stories of their staff’s awesomeness every day! From all those stories, they pick five and send them out to every single hotel (for every single shift).

However you do it, don’t forget to do it. Collect and share new stories.