Not all constraints are legit

False Constraints

An elephant can weight up to 24,000 pounds and stand 13 feet tall. Yet it can be trapped by a chain or rope quite easily.

The trick is that you use a heavy rope or chain when the elephant is a baby. For days it will pull against the rope. But all that happens is that they hurt themselves and get frustrated with failure.

In the end, they learn to live peacefully with the constraints of their chain.

Like elephants, you are powerful and strong. But you can let yourself be constrained by lies. Lies you’ve let yourself believe – from your childhood, from your insecurities, or from what others have told you. These worries and lies you believe can just as easily hold you like they do elephants.

Some questions for you:

  • Are you letting yourself get held up for the wrong reasons?
  • Are you believing lies?
  • What constraints are you automatically accepting?