Every leader needs support

As leaders a lot of what you do is provide support for others. It’s what makes you a leader that others follow.

But have you thought a lot about what you need? Have you thought about the kind of support you need?

I’m not talking about virtual assistants and support to get your job done. I’m talking about the kind of support that helps you thrive support for who are are and what makes you special.

When I was 25 I said, “few people can do what I do.” I was confident. Because I was clueless. The reality was that I didn’t know a lot of people. Hence, I didn’t know a lot of people who could do what I did.

Fast forward more than 20 years and I know tons of people who do things like me, many of them better than me.

Over time we learn things. We discover things. And as a result, we also learn what we don’t know. It’s good for our humility.

But it can also erode our self-confidence. It can’t harm our sense of self worth.

That’s why every leader needs support. A group of peers or friends who can speak truth to you – to tell you what you actually do well at. Not to cut you down but to lift you up – just like what you do for your team(s).