Change the game; don’t let the game change you

If you feel like you’ve heard the words in the title before, it’s likely you’ve heard a song from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Make the Money).

Change the game; don’t let the game change you.

If you’ve visited this site in the last couple months, you’ve seen blog articles that are short. They’re not 1200 or 2500 words.

I recently saw someone say, “if you’re not writing 750 words, don’t even write.”

I get it. There are rules to the game of being discovered and recommended by Google. I don’t care.

This is where I come to write – for me as much as for you. To remind myself of the truth I’ll need tomorrow.

And here’s what I know about tomorrow.

Tomorrow Google will change the game again.

Tomorrow I’ll be busy and distracted.

Tomorrow I won’t necessarily have time for 2500 words.

But one main point. I’ll probably have time for that. And who knows, the Google algorithm may someday adjust to value short and helpful lists with only one idea.

Or not.

But I’m here to change the game and not let the game change me.