All management is People Management

My fourth mantra is debatable. I know that. But the essence of it has proven true over so many years that I have come to rely on it like all the other #40mantras.

If you’re a project manager, you’re often focused on task management.
If you’re a marketing manager, you’re often focused on product management.
If you’re in testing, you’re often focused on quality management.

But unless you manage robots, you’re all managing people. And even though we like to put lots of different names on it, to suggest that they require different talents, I’m of the opinion that it’s all the same thing – people management.

I would have used the mantra “all management is trust management” but it doesn’t ever make as strong a statement as the way I use the mantra today.

But that’s the bottom line, right?

People will scale most mountains – even when they’re ridiculously tough – if they trust me and I tell them that’s what they need to do.

People will work longer and later – if that’s what’s required – if they trust that I’m in it with them and I’m suggesting it’s required.

People will (and have) taken pay cuts to stay together as a team, if they trust that things will be made right, down the line.

Everything I have ever accomplished in life, professionally, has been the by-product of several people working hard – not just me. And every one of those successes has come because people have trusted me (to put in the work, to not abuse, and more).

I have focused on that trust development from our first meeting until our last.

Because all management is people management.

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