The power of phone scripts (and why every non-sales person should read this book)

This week I’m reading a book called, “Power Phone Scripts” by Mike Brooks. It is, as you might guess, a book about phone scripts for sales people to help them close deals on the phone.

So why would I, a non-sales person, read such a book?

Because leading people and working across teams to make things happen is all about effective communication. You hear it all the time. Every time something falls apart, it’s because there was poor communication.

So shouldn’t all of us work on communicating better?

And here’s the thing. When you’re in sales (from what I’ve experienced and what I’ve heard from top sales folks), you hear the same objections all the time. They’re predictable.

Knowing that, you’d imagine that every single salesperson would prepare answers for the most common objections they hear. But they don’t! But the ones that do are prepared. They’re calm and ready for the objection and know how to navigate it.

I want to be that effective in my communication even when it’s not sales-related. So I picked up Mike’s book, as a recommendation, and so far I’m loving it.

Let me ask you this – how do you prepare for the tough conversations you’ll have this week? This month? This year?