The one thing you have in common with top performers

It doesn’t matter what role you have in your company — whether you’re the founder, ceo, janitor, sales rep, engineer or part of the admin staff — there’s something you have in common with everyone else in your company.

You also have this is common with the top performers in your company. You even have this in common with your top competitors.

You’re human.

You have, for the most part, the same physical equipment (brains, limbs, etc) and the same constraints (you can only be in one place at a time, you have the same available 24 hours) that they do.

It’s easy to talk ourselves into thinking they’re special. That top performers have a different capacity or genetics that make cold calling, public speaking or managing people easier. But it’s not true.

We’re all human.

So what makes the difference? Often it’s one of two things:

  • We are more easily satisfied by describing what we plan to do rather than what we’re actually getting done.
  • We are more easily stymied by the insecurities we allow to have power in our lives.

We’re just as human as the next man or woman. And we can perform at the levels we know are possible because we’re seeing it happen.

To match them, we must orient ourselves towards action over plans and action over insecurity.

As the new year starts, don’t let the insecure voice in your head be the dominant one. And don’t let yourself be satisfied with planning. Get started!