Everything is impossible until someone does it

Sir Roger Bannister, the first person to ever break the four-minute mile, passed away yesterday. He was eighty eight.

In the years before May of 1954, no one could do it. Most people thought it was impossible. Running a mile in under 4 minutes? No way.

Then Roger pulled it off. And 46 days later, a competitor beat his record. The idea that no one could do it had fallen away. And suddenly, people thought it was possible.

Here is super obvious s question for you.

What lie of impossibility is holding you back from something you would like to accomplish?

You see, most of what holds us back is the limits in our own heads.

I just rewatched a Denzel Washington movie about Ruben “Hurricane” Carter. It’s a great and fun movie.

There’s a moment in the movie (not a documentary), where a young man, who has read Hurricane’s book, looks up and asks, “What are going to do?”

The adults in the room look at each other, rightly thinking that there’s not much they can do. They’re confined by the limits of common sense.

But the young man won’t be dissuaded. And so the entire team is propelled into work that would have incredible impact.

What was impossible became possible because they stopped telling themselves that it was impossible.

What lies are you believing?