Healthy conflict

Years ago we were sitting in a conference room that held 10 of us. Everyone in the room was a direct report and we were supposed to be talking about the next version of our flagship product. The problem was that no one wanted to debate. It was a room completely filled with faithful and …

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Are you good at conflict?

In most conflicts you see two roles quickly appear – the accuser and the victim. As we all know, conflicts aren’t a one-sided thing – so already there’s a problem when we take on either role. But there’s a third role that can often appear – the rescuer. I’m not talking about a mediator. I’m …

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Want to change someone’s mind? Use iterative conversations.

First, let’s be clear about what we’re not talking about here. We’re not talking about manipulation. We’re not talking about inception. We’re not talking about reverse psychology, underselling, or any other strategies to get your way. What we’re talking about is the patience and iterative conversations that you’ll need to help unstick people who are …

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Great communication starts with 4 choices

If you want great communication among your team, they need to see it modeled, and know what it takes. It starts with these four choices. Choices that will develop great communication habits.